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Disappearing Spell: Generationist Files, Book 1

Darren Campo

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The most dangerous person in the world has been kidnapped. George Spell is a deadly military mastermind, government spy and skilled assassin. As the son of House Speaker Madeline Spell, he is also political royalty. George Spell is also just seven years old. How did a child become such a deadly player on the world stage?

As George finds out more about who kidnapped him and why, he begins to learn the secrets behind his existence and where he truly came from. Is George Spell the pinnacle of a worldwide conspiracy centuries in the planning, or the ultimate tool in a blood vendetta against his family?

Darren Campo


Television Producer and Executive, Author

Darren Campo is a television producer and executive. Author. New media pioneer. And university professor. His philosophical ingenuity and storytelling ability has fostered one of the most intriguing literary series written in the best-selling "Alex Detail's Revolution, "Alex Detail's Rebellion," "Disappearing Spell," and "Stingers."

As a television producer and executive, Darren is verse in developing all genres of content. Darren serves as head of programming strategy for Food Network and Cooking Channel. Previously he was head of programming at truTV, and has been an executive at Court TV and CBS. Just prior to the launch of truTV, Multichannel News named Darren Campo one of "40 Under 40" to watch.




But Darren’s fare for content can ride the wave of reality trends to drawing on inspirations for his own creative writing from Schopenhauer, Schrödinger and Joseph Campbell to create the epic adventure and story of intrigue that Alex Detail takes.

Early critique of Darren’s first bestseller, “Alex Detail’s Revolution,” has been cited as a work of ‘activation’, not unlike thematic nerve struck by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.

Darren is an Adjunct Professor in the Entertainment, Media and Technology program at the NYU Stern School of Business, where he teaches “The Business of Producing.” He is also a graduate of the school.