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Ultimate On Camera SmallThe Ultimate On-Camera Guidebook

Jacquie Jordan & Shannon O'Dowd

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Television Veteran, Jacquie Jordan and On Air Talent, Shannon O'Dowd, parlay their long time media training careers into The Ultimate On-Camera Guidebook: Hosts*Experts*Influencers memorializing the A-Z of what it takes to be on camera in every position for successful appearances.

With fun anecdotal stories, these two communicators breakdown the elements of on camera performances including auditions, branding, content, direction, editorial, focus, glamour, headshots, hosting, influencers, jargon, kinetics, languaging, memorization, nuances, on-air, performance, questions, rehearsals, social media, talking points, under-performing, vernacular, w, x, y, and z!!!

This Guidebook takes the talent from pre-production and behind the scenes, to the business elements that create opportunity and success to the new frontier of the digital age, the Selfie and the story it tells the audience.

Jacquie Jordan


Two-Time Emmy Nominated TV Producer and New York Times Bestselling Publisher

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With TVGuestpert, Jacquie works with businesses on their branding, promotion, marketing, producing and development, as well as their on-camera execution. She has been involved in booking, supervising or producing 10,000+ television guests.


Shannon O'Dowd


On-Camera Host, Commercial Actress and Media Trainer/On-Camera Coach

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Shannon has been working on both sides of the camera for over a decade. As a host, she is known for creating an authentic, genuine, and relatable experience with viewers. As a coach, she has an innate ability to bring out the most dynamic, honest, and connected version of her clients on camera.