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Father of the Blob: The Making of a Monster Smash and Other Hollywood Tales

Jack H. Harris

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Jack H. Harris started out as a child performer in vaudeville and has done everything related to the movies including projectionist, usher, theatre manager, actor, distributor and producer. Whether talking about Burns and Allen, Mary Pickford, Laurel and Hardy, Howard Hughes, Jack Nicholson, Jackie Kennedy, Natalie Wood or Barbra Streisand and Jon Peters, he’s got the stories. Some of those he helped to start in the business include Steve McQueen, Patty Duke, Ivan Reitman, John Carpenter, John Landis and so many more.

You can literally finish this book and know how to make, distribute and exploit a film. THE BLOB was his first movie, and surprisingly has turned out to be his forever movie. He’s made 30 others including DINOSAURUS, 4D MAN, EQUINOX, EYES OF LAURA MARS, and one of Hugh Hefner’s favorites, PARADISIO.

Jack H. Harris


Producer, Distributor, and Actor

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When it comes to movies, Jack H. Harris has done it all – exhibition, distribution and film production. The secret to a movie’s success is “the story” and he hit it the first time out with THE BLOB. It’s still a public pleaser, annually celebrated at BLOBFEST. 30 plus films, famous friends, and countless discoveries followed for this Producer who knew he could handle anything including WWII, great success, temporary reversals, family thrills and the long awaited union with his soul mate Judith, now married 27 years. next

In “Father of the Blob,” Jack H. Harris reveals how he put everything on the line for the hit monster movie THE BLOB. Through his long standing entertainment career, as a producer, distributor, theater manager, he has developed an uncanny ability to recognize raw talent and has given many young filmmakers their first shot at success. It’s a terrific story that a new generation of filmmakers can learn a lot from. –Ivan Reitman