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NINETEEN: A Reflection of My Teenage Experience in an Extraordinary Life: What I Have Learned, and What I Have to Share

Chelsea Krost

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In NINETEEN, she conjures the curiosity and flavor of a personal journal left open in a teenager's room.

In its direct approach, NINETEEN reveals the key events that teenagers face at this monumental time in their lives as experienced by Chelsea Krost.

While many teens are struggling with typical angst from cat fights to cliques, many others are dealing with the downside of the advanced technological world we live in.

From sexting to cyber bullying, self esteem to depression; body image, mean girls and boy trouble, Chelsea sheds light on the millennial mindset and its ever changing challenges and lightning speed curve balls.

Chelsea Krost

is a nineteen year old radio talk show host and millennial spokesperson who has embarked on a new career as an author, sharing her inspirations, life lessons, motivation, and a voice for her peers, all through her own personal experiences and open diary.

The reader is treated to her candid escapades and adventures from her chubby adolescence and into the trials, tribulations and torment of teenage hood.

The philanthropic world that drives her passion today is detailed in many touching scenarios including a life changing family mission to Africa.

Each chapter speaks candidly about topics that teenager's face and those that every adult can reflect upon, reminisce about and use as a tool to open dialogue with their own teens.